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Chinese Woman Eats Contaminated Beef, Contracts 8-Foot-Long Tapeworm

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A Chinese woman had an 8-foot-long tapeworm removed from her stomach after she consumed an undercooked meal on vacation.

The woman, identified only as Mrs. Li, first confronted her doctor in the Fujian province about feeling ill when she found strange liquids in her stool. When a tapeworm was discovered in her body, she was diagnosed with taeniasis, or tapeworm infection.

It is believed that Mrs. Li contracted the infection after eating undercooked and contaminated beef during her vacation in Southeast Asia.

Mrs. Li, who is in her 30s, has since been able to excrete the 8-foot-long worm with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. However, she admitted that the thought of a tapeworm inside her body is “disgusting and almost makes [her] faint."

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Sources: NY Daily News, Metro


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