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Man Reportedly Gets Beer Glass Stuck In His Rectum

Surgeons in China say they successfully removed a 3-inch diameter beer glass from a man’s rectum after he turned up at a hospital saying he inserted the glass because he wanted to “wanted to ease constipation.”

The man, who was not named, showed up recently at Wuxi Central Hospital in eastern China and yelled, “There is a mug in my body," according to The Daily Mail.

The man reportedly told one doctor he tried to insert he glass but didn’t think it would fit into his body. 

Once it slipped in and got stuck it apparently caused an enormous amount of pain. 

One nurse who helped treat the man reportedly said his face went completely white because of the extreme pain. 

The man allegedly said he had been to one other hospital, but a doctor there was not able to remove the glass and even reportedly chipped the edge of it during the failed procedure. 

The man was immediately admitted for surgery at Wuxi Central Hospital upon his arrival, The Daily Mail reports. Three surgeons, working with a metal arm-like device, were able to remove the glass during the hour-long surgery.

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Dr. Li Chunwei took part in the man’s care. He said he sees four or five patients a year who have stuffed strange objects — like eggplants or wooden rods — into their rectums. 

It appears other doctors also see similar cases and those cases also, occasionally, make headlines.

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Last year, a man walked into a Chinese hospital, complaining of stomach pains and saying he had no idea what was causing them, according to The Huffington Post.

X-ray photos later showed the man had a glass bottle inserted in his rectum, along with a curved piece of wire, believed to have been inserted to fish out the bottle. 

Doctors successfully removed the items. 

And in 2013, a Chinese surgeon posted a story to her blog about successfully removing a 20-inch, live eel from a man’s colon, Gawker reported at the time.

“The eel was simply trying to find its way out,” the doctor was quoted as saying. 

That incident required doctors to work through the night to save the patient’s life after the eel ruptured the man’s colon, causing massive bleeding. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Gawker

Photo Credit: Europics [CEN] via Daily Mail


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