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Chinese Mother Squeezed Man's Testicles Until He Died

An unidentified Chinese woman is on trial for allegedly killing a man by squeezing his testicles with such force that he actually died of shock.

The woman was picking up her son from school in Haikou City, Hainan (an island south of China's mainland) when she got into an argument with an unidentified shopkeeper, 42, who scolded her for parking her scooter bike in front of his store, reports the Daily Mail.

After a fight broke out between the woman and the shopkeeper, she called her brother and husband to help. She also grabbed the shopkeeper by his testicles and squeezed hard.

According to an eyewitness, the woman said: "'I'll squeeze it to death, you'll never have children again."

The man collapsed on the ground and went into shock. Paramedics rushed him to a hospital, but doctors could not revive the dead man, reported

"The testicles are exquisitely sensitive to touch and there is a huge release of adrenalin when there is excessive force applied to these organs," Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a San Diego urologist, told

"Testicular pain is referred to the lower abdomen, mesenteric plexus, and causes men to stop abruptly what they are doing, lie on the ground, close their eyes and bend their knees. A heart attack could certainly result from severe testicular pain from squeezing."

Sources: and Daily Mail


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