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Chinese Man Develops Huge Tumors On Neck (Photos)

Hong Shu has reportedly struggled with alcoholism for decades, but the 53-year-old from Guangzhou, southern China, noticed his body changing about 10 years ago, when the space behind his ears began swelling, and the growth spread to his throat area.

The Daily Mail reports that Hong had developed Madelung disease, a rare condition that causes fatty tumors to grow around the neck and shoulders, and typically appears in people with a history of alcohol abuse, according to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center.

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The tumor in Hong's throat was more than 6 inches wide and about 5.5 inches long. The two lumps on his neck measured more than 7 inches wide.

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Hong sought medical treatment after the condition became difficult to manage and has since undergone three surgeries to have the growths removed.

It is unclear whether Hong has stopped drinking, which is recommended to prevent tumors in the future.

Sources: Daily Mail, Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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