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Chinese Government Forces Feng Jianmei to Have Seven-Month Abortion

In China, Feng Jianmei says that she was forcibly injected with a chemical to induce an abortion, even though she was seven months pregnant. The abortion resulted in a stillborn child.

Pictures of the young woman and her dead baby, who was covered in blood have caused outrage and shock within the country and beyond its borders.

Because she already had a child, local birth-control authorities ordered her to pay a fine equal to about $5000.

However, Jianmei couldn't pay the fine because her mother-in-law needed the cash for a cancer treatment. 

So 20 members of the local family planning authority placed her under arrest and forcibly took her to a hospital where the abortion was performed against her will.

Chai Ling of the activist group 'All Girls Allowed' said this grisly incident proves how the country's 'One-Child Policy' continues today.

Li Yuongjou, deputy chief of the local  family planning department, denied there was any forced abortion: "A lot of us tried for days to educate her. She agreed to the (seven month) abortion herself."


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