Chinese Doctors Remove Leech From Schoolboy's Throat


Chinese doctors have discovered why complaints of a "sore throat" eventually caused a Chinese schoolboy to lose consciousness.

According to reports by Central European News (CEN), Chinese doctors discovered that 11-year-old Xiaobo Chien has had a 2.75-inch-long leech growing inside of his throat for a month after they claim he likely drank water from a pond on his way home from school in China’s Sichuan Province. They claim that the water he drank has been used by farmers for irrigation and likely contained leech larvae.

"He hadn’t told us about the water-drinking so it never occurred to us that he may have picked up something,” the boy’s mother, Xiang Tung, 33, told CEN. “We gave him medication and kept him in bed but if anything it started getting worse, with him sometimes blacking out."

As the leech grew, it would block his airway as it curled up causing the boy to lose consciousness, explained a hospital spokesman to CEN.

"Fortunately, it had not caused any infection and we were able to extract it without any complications and the boy is now feeling much better. If he had been older and enjoyed a glass of spirits it would probably have killed it,” the spokesman said.

“I won’t be drinking water from a pond again,” said the schoolboy.

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Sources: FOX News, My Fox Philly / Photo Source: Wikipedia


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