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Chinese Baby Born With Rare Five-Inch Tail

Doctors in China say they are now able to identify the name of a disorder that caused a baby boy to grow a tail.

Nuo Nuo, the five-month-old Shaoyang baby, was born with a spinal disorder called spina bifida, and just days after he was born, his mother pointed out the tail on his backside. The tail growth is even more rare than the disorder itself, according to doctors.

Doctors say that the five-inch growth started while Nuo Nuo was in his mother’s womb, and the mother has already pointed out that each day, it continues to grow steadily. The baby’s mother reportedly approached multiple doctors to remove the tail, but so far, none have agreed, saying that it would be nearly impossible.

According to reports, the rare occurrence affects one in 100,000 people worldwide, and surgeries are usually performed if doctors see that the growth is starting to deteriorate.

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