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Mom Fights For Autistic Son's Right To Cannabis Oil


A Georgia mother is lobbying the Georgia state legislature to expand its medical marijuana laws to include cannabis oil for her autistic son.

“Me and my husband would take hours on the weekends, taking turns holding him down,” said Rose Terlaje.

Her son often experiences fits of rage during which he beats himself and has spent most of his life covered in bruises.

 “Within a two hour period, over 300 times,” she told WXIA.

Medication did not seem to work, so she started using cannabis oil to alleviate his symptoms -- and it worked, reports WXIA.

“Within a week of starting it, he said I love you for the first time in two years.”

A month of using the cannabis oil and the family’s life has changed for the better.

In June 2015, Forbes reported that a number of parents were using cannabis to treat their autistic children. The Autism Research Institute found that cannabidiol has been known to help with anxiety, aggression, panic disorder, tantrums and self-harming behavior.

The problem is the Terlajes are a military family and the mother has to leave Fort Benning, which is on the border of Alabama and Georgia, to give her son the oil, according to WXIA.

“He’s thriving and we’re getting our lives back,” added Terlaje.

Time is running out for the bill -- which is still in the legislature -- to pass through the house, senate and governor’s desk, before the session ends in March. If it passes, Terlaje’s son can legally use the oil.

If the measure doesn’t pass Tarlaje told WXIA she won’t stop giving it to her son.

“He needs it more than anything else, and he’s my life.”

Sources: WXIA, Forbes / Photo credit: WXIA

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