What You Need to Know About Massive Children's Medicine Recall


The massive recall last weekend of some of the most popular medications is unsettling, disturbing and concerning. Thankfully, it was done as a precautionary move before any child was harmed and there are generic alternatives of all the medications recalled, at sufficient supply.

Still…having 40 popular medications recalled by one of today’s most trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers rocks our confidence in the safeguards in place to the core.

I find information is the path to sanity and security in times like this. So, let me provide you with what I know.

Today, I went on New England Cable News in the Boston area to talk about all the details of what is known and what you should do if you have recalled medicine in your cabinet. Click here to view the segment.

For a list of recalled medications including bar codes, click here.

Finally, for information on rebates and refunds from McNeil Pharmaceuticals, click here.

There is a partnership of trust when we opt to give a child of any age a medication. We, health care professionals,  trust parents to give the proper medication at the right does. Children trust their parents to know what medication to give and at what dose and that the medication will be safe. Parents trust that their pediatricians know how to guide them to the right dose, and trust that the companies making the medications have done so properly and have produced a safe product.

If there is a breakdown in any step, the health and well being of a child is put at huge risk. We simply can’t allow that. Our children deserve much, much more than excuses and finger pointing. They deserve products that are worry free – all the time.  Let’s hope that the upcoming Congressional investigation ensures just that.


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