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Children Served Alcoholic Beverages At Applebee's

An Applebee's in Fayetteville, North Carolina, accidentally served alcoholic cocktails to children.

The Kirkman family went to Applebee's after church, as they had done many times before, reports WNCN. Cheryl Kirkman's husband, who is a minister, ordered an alcohol-free "virgin daiquiri" for their children, but the cocktails that were actually served were the real deal.

"As soon as my son drank it, he told my husband, "Dad, this don't taste right. This tastes funny. This tastes sour to me," Cheryl said, referring to her 13-year-old, K.J.

By the time it was apparent what had happened, 3-year-old Bailey had consumed nearly half of one of the daiquiris. "It was very scary. I was frightened … she began to gasp for a little air. I thought she was going to throw up because she grabbed her stomach,” Cheryl said.

Applebee’s apologized for the incident, explaining that there was miscommunication between the waitress and the bartender. The restaurant vowed to make changes to avoid similar situations in the future.

"If it was a lesson, from now on if I ever order, I'll stay away from daiquiris. We'll just get lemonade. I'll stay away from daiquiris,” Cheryl said. Both children were taken to the hospital for examination, and fully recovered.

It's not the first time Applebee's has served alcohol to minors.

In 2016, an Applebee's in Johnson City, Tennessee, accidentally served two children alcoholic root beers, reports In a statement on that occasion, the restaurant said: "Sincere apologies were made, the family accepted dinner as our guests and immediate re-training of all team members on duty took place."

In 2011, another Applebee's, this one in Detroit, served a margarita to a 15-month-old whose mother ordered him apple juice, reports The Huffington Post.

That same year, an incident occurred at an Outback Steakhouse in Ohio a 4-year-old girl and two teenagers were given a sample of a slushy-like drink that contained peach schnapps and vodka.

Also in 2011, an Olive Garden location in Florida served alcoholic sangria to a minor who ordered orange juice.

The following year, an Indianapolis Olive Garden gave a 10-year-old boy a rum cocktail instead of the fruit smoothie that was ordered. After drinking half of it, the boy was taken to the hospital, where he was described as being "shaken up."

As for the Kirkman family, they’re unsure if they’ll ever eat at Applebee's again.

Sources: WNCN via WFIE, The Huffington Post, / Photo credit: Pixabay

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