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Children Model Expensive Clothes on the Catwalk (Video)

The first Global Kids Fashion Week took place in London this past week, featuring children as models on the catwalk.

“There is a huge market for kids’ fashion,” said Alex Theophanous, of the online children’s store, who co-organized the event. “The market is significantly bigger than ever before. We felt the time was right to take children’s fashion center stage.”

The market for children’s clothes in Britain is estimated at $8 billion, but the worldwide number is more than 10 times that, reports

According to, the modeling show included "little" versions of adult clothing brands such as: Little Marc Jacobs, Junior Gaultier and Paul Smith Junior.

“All key luxury labels have a children’s line now,” Theophanous adds.

During the two-day event, 30 designers showcased their pint-sized creations.

The 500-person crowd paid over $100 a ticket to watch the show, which includes children modeling clothing worth nearly $1000.

On the catwalk, the tiny models tended to hold their poses too long and had to be pressed to go backstage.

When asked if parents should be instilling their children with values based on expensive clothes and looking a certain way, Theophanous said: “We don’t focus on the children but on the parents. It is the parents’ decision what the kids wear and we market at the parents.”

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