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Child Faces Suspension Over Autism

The school year just began, but one little boy in Louisiana already faces suspension, reports KATC.

LaKesha Peters went to pick up her 6-year-old son Xavier Gresham from Acadia Parish School last week when the school’s administration approached her about her son’s in-class behavior. They claimed Xavier repeatedly talked out of turn and disrupted his class — behavior that did not surprise Peters, as her son has autism.

"They then went on to tell us that after being sent home they would try again Monday, but if he spoke out of turn, or if he didn't get control of, as she said, 'his behaviors,' that he would go into ISS, which is in school suspension," Xavier’s mother explained KATC3. "If that didn't work they were suspending him for the year."

As Peters revealed, the main issue stems from the fact that a doctor has classified her son as autistic, but the school has not. Even though Peters has requested an evaluation for her son multiple times, each time she was told Xavier was too smart.

As a result, the Acadia Parish School does not provide special services for Xavier.

"Right now the only option we have is to take him out of school and to home-school him," Peters told KATC3. "He's not getting the social interaction he needs there. He's not going to develop right."

Although Xavier returned to school after the incident, his mother wants to find a solution.

"I want a class where these kids can go to learn where the teachers are trained to handle kids with needs like this not learning disabilities," Peters added to KATC3. "I just want my son to be able to have an education in a group environment and not get discriminated against because of his autism."

In schools across the globe, the treatment of children with autism remains largely varied and controversial.

As the Daily Mail reports, in Canberra, Australia, one school recently came under fire after an investigation revealed the school put a 10-year-old autistic boy in a small metal cage as a “withdrawal space.” The principal was immediately suspended.

Sources: KATC3, Daily Mail / Photo credit: KATC3


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