Child Protective Service Investigating Death Of 6-Month-Old In Foster Care


Child Protective Services (CPS) are investigating the death of a 6-month-old girl who was placed in foster care in Texas.

According to a spokesperson from CPS, the baby, Aaliyah Rodriguez, was living in a foster home with her two older brothers, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old.

The foster family was certified by Therapeutic Family Life, a private foster care agency.

In 2014, Aaliyah's siblings were taken into the custody of CPS, according to FOX. Marks were found on the youngest boy's body and CPS filed cases against the parents, including the kids' mother, Anastasia Hernandez. They only convicted the youngest boy's father of abuse, however, and did not suspect Hernandez of harming the boy.

Despite this, three days after Aaliyah was born, she was taken from her mother and put into foster care.

On Monday, Aaliyah was unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital from foster care. There she was placed on life support. She died yesterday.

Her brothers were taken from the home on Monday and were placed into a new foster home.

The foster parents are now under investigation. They also have two children of their own who have since been taken in by family.

Hernandez has no idea what contributed to her daughter’s death.

“Today is the last day I will ever see my daughter again,” Hernandez told FOX. “I seen them last week. They were fine. Nothing was wrong with them.”

Since having her baby daughter taken from her when the girl was just 3 days old, Hernandez has been working to get her back.

“I was doing everything they asked me. Passed everything. Gave them certificates for everything. They were still putting everything off,” Hernandez said.

On Monday, a caseworker called her and told her to go to the Texas Children’s Hospital as her daughter had suffered an accident.

“I get here and they told me my daughter had a little accident,” the mother said. “I get here and they told me my daughter had head trauma and severe brain damage.”

Hernandez told reporters that she begged CPS to put her children into the care of family members. According to FOX, she says that if that happened her daughter would still be alive.

“My daughter’s never going to come back,” she sobbed. “Nobody can give her back to me. They can’t replace her.”

The CPS investigation into the baby's death is ongoing.

Source: FOX, ABC

Photo Credit: FOX


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