Child Dead Thanks to 3 of the Worst People Alive


An Indiana woman was charged this week with reckless homicide and neglect for the death of her 4-year-old son -- a helpless little boy who never had a chance in life.

When Payton Ettinger was just two months old, his father severely beat him, leaving the boy with brain damage. The father is serving a five-year prison sentence.

The job of raising Payton was left to his mother, Courtney Tressler. It was a difficult job -- his brain damage left him barely functional, unable to speak, walk or control his body. Instead, police say Tressler hardly took care of him at all. When Payton was found dead in his crib in May, he weighed just 12 pounds -- five pounds fewer than when he was a year old.

Tressler claimed she took care of Payton, taking him to the doctor last year. But detectives discovered he hadn't seen a physician since 2006. Tressler later admitted she didn't take him to the doctor because she couldn't afford it. But two days after his death, she went to the doctor herself.

Now to the third member of this tragic triangle -- Tressler's current husband Greg Tressler. He said his lovely bride is innocent. And what's more, he said he didn't realize that Payton weighed just 12 pounds. Tressler is not facing any charges. Instead, he is asking stupid questions.

"Is this just a misunderstanding?" he pondered. "Is this just someone got the wrong idea or something like that? I think it's a small town and someone's trying to make a name for themselves."


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