Chicago's Bill Lesinski Forgives Pitt Bull that Ripped Off Nose


Bill Lesinski of Chicago says he forgives Monster, his neighbor’s Pit Bull, for ripping his nose off his face in an unexpected attack. He reportedly was “heavily sedated” when he was interviewed, according to the Daily Mail on March 3.

The mauling occurred over the weekend when Bill went to his neighbor’s home near O'Hare International Airport to help him. Lesinski says he has been playing with the dog since it was a puppy.

He was reportedly checking a speaker and told NBC, “When I crouched down, the dog just lunged at me and grabbed me by the face. I have a torn part of the septum, the bottom part of my septum, and they have to reconstruct my whole nose.”

Lesinski also told the Chicago Tribune that he has no cartilage left on either side of his nose and that pain killers are keeping him from being able to work. He said doctors have advised him reconstruction would require at least six surgeries over the next year. Lesinski and his girl friend own an auto-towing company, and he has no medical insurance. He fears he will lose his business as he faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

“This dog has attacked my dogs in the past a couple of times. I think that's why the dog attacked me--because it smelled my animals on me and when I crouched down the dog felt dominated at that time,” Lesinski rationalized. "It's not the dog's fault. I own Pit Bulls myself. I have for over 20 years. My dogs have never been aggressive or hurt anybody. It's basically how Pit Bulls are raised," he said. The Pit Bull’s owner, a young man in his twenties, is currently unemployed. He told NBC that while he's sympathetic, he can't financially help his friend with medical bills. Monster is impounded at the animal shelter and is expected to be euthanized.

His owner, who is unnamed, hopes Animal Care and Control will give his dog back to him after the investigation. Lesinski says he holds no animosity towards his friend and he still loves Pit Bulls, but he wants to make sure this serves as a reminder that they need to be well trained. Sources:,0,2311209.story


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