Megan Duskey Killed in Fall at Chicago Halloween Party


A Halloween tragedy in Chicago, where a young woman was killed in a fall at a ritzy party.

Megan Duskey, a 23-year-old special ed public school teacher, attended the party dressed as glamorous superhero Silk Spectre from the movie "Watchmen." She tried to slide down a banister but fell back and plunged four stories to her death.

The Haunted Hotel Ball is an annual tradition in Chicago. This year it was held at the Palmer House Hilton. 2,000 people were in attendance, including reserved tables that cost $1,000 per table.

Duskey and her friends scored tickets through a friend whose company paid for a table. Shortly after arriving Saturday night, Duskey playfully attempted to slide down the banister.

The medical examiner said Duskey died instantly of head trauma, and that alcohol was not a factor.

"We had just gotten there," said Ellie Pessetto, who had known Duskey since childhood. She stepped away from the stairwell moments before Duskey fell. When she returned, she saw two of her friends in hysterics. "I couldn't even understand what they were saying," Pessetto said. "Then someone said (Megan) fell."

The fall took place at 10:30 p.m., bringing an end to the party just hours after it had begun. It was supposed to run until 2 a.m.

Duskey was a special education teacher at a public school in Chicago.


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