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Chicago Health Department Launches Ad Campaign With Pregnant Boys (Photos)

If the sight of a pregnant boy makes you do a double take, then the Chicago Department of Health’s new advertising campaign should work pretty well.

In an effort to demonstrate how a teenage pregnancy is not just the girl’s responsibility, the department has launched an ad campaign featuring posters of boys who appear to be pregnant.

The ads will be put on buses, trains, and billboards across the city.

The Health Department hopes the ads will lower the city’s teen pregnancy rates, which is one of the highest in the nation. Chicago’s rates dropped by 33% last year, but still remain 150% higher than the national average. The department will make a particularly strong effort to place ads around the cities high schools.

A similar ad campaign was run in Milwaukee last year and is credited with significantly dropping the city’s teen pregnancy rates. Check out some images of the Chicago and Milwaukee ads below. Pretty attention-grabbing, yea?

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Sources: NBC Chicago, Daily Mail


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