Brit Star Cheryl Cole "Baffled" by US Plastic Surgery Trends


Cheryl Cole, 27-year-old British judge of The X Factor USA, has recently reflected on her time in America, saying that she's confused why so many women on this side of the world all have the same nose job. According to MTV UK, the star – who recently denied that's she's gotten breast implants as a way to make herself more marketable in America – says she's never had work done and does not intend to (

She's also said that she will not be getting a Hollywood-style makeover anytime soon out of fear that she would look 'plastic.' Cheryl's nose is famously ridged, and she says she's proud of her unique look, and would never undergo rhinoplasty to make her nose look more like everyone else's.

Reflecting on the women she's seen on this side of the ocean, Cheryl says “I've already seen a few funny sights. I can't quite get my head around everyone having the same nose, because I think it's the unique things about your face that make you beautiful.” Explaining her stance further, she said “I'm not judging, but unless something is really getting you down, then it's best not to mess with nature.”

What do you think? When is plastic surgery appropriate?


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