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Chelley Martinka Gets Pickle Company to Drop "Midget" Pickles

Cranston, R.I., mother Chelley Martinka has persuaded Cains to drop the word “midget” from its line of pickles. Martinka’s daughter has dwarfism and she says that she became extremely upset when the saw Cains' “Kosher Dill Midgets” at her local supermarket.

After entering the store with a craving for pickles, she walked out wanting to petition the company to change the name of its product. On Tuesday, she finally succeeded after months of trying.

Martinka was so angry when she first saw the offensively-named pickle products that she considered smashing the jars to pieces. She opted to go the non-violent route, though. According to The Daily Mail, the mother of 10-month-old Adelaide took pictures of the product, started a blog and made a YouTube video to aid her in her protest.

Gedney Foods, the producer of the “midget” pickles, is based out of Chaska, Minn. The company makes pickles and food lines for Del Monte and Cains. Gedney Foods has agreed to change its labels and stop using the word “midget.” The company believes it is just doing what is right and doesn’t want any recognition or media attention for making the decision to drop the offensive term.

“It was really educating, getting the word out about dwarfism,” said Martinka. “Seeing a word that is so hurtful used in such a benign fashion, it's hurtful for parents.”

Dwarfism is caused by a genetic mutation. The most common form of the condition is achondroplasia. It affects approximately one in 25,000 newborns.

According to Gedney, the U.S. consumes 26 billion pickles a year. That works out to about an average of nine pounds per person. Half of the cucumbers grown in America are pickled.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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