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No Kidding: Charlie Sheen Raises Bipolar Awareness

In the wake of Catherine Zeta-Jones' bipolar disorder revelation, controversial actor Charlie Sheen created an impromptu fundraiser while visiting Toronto last Thursday and Friday. Sheen reportedly tweeted a dollar-for-dollar fundraiser by asking his fans to walk with him from his hotel to Toronto Hall.

From his Tweet:

“Stop the Stigma!! Bipolar Awareness Walk!! Please join me at 6pm at the Ritz tonight! Raise Money! Raise Awareness! #BIPOLAR #BIWINNING.”

Sheen asked fans to donate at least $1 to join him. He was joined by at least 200 people for the 1.2 mile walk.

Sheen directed all donations to the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders (OBAD). The total donations are rumored to be in the thousands for OBAD, which has less than two staff members on board. Sheen is not an official OBAD spokesperson.

Will this add fuel to the rumors of Sheen reportedly being bipolar himself? No doubt. Making donations to a cause doesn’t mean you are a sufferer. I don’t have bipolar disorder but I’ve created the blog for awareness.

In all reality it doesn’t matter if he is “bi-winning” or isn’t. He’s created more awareness in this sense, even if people disagree with his current lifestyle and media controversy.


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