Charles Manson Denied Parole, Likely will Die in Prison


The man infamous for controlling a cult of young women with LSD and murdering Sharon Tate refused to attend a parole hearing this week, during which his parole was denied.

Charles Manson, now 77 years old, will continue to rot in a state prison in Corcoran, California, until his next parole hearing in 2027. California Parole Board Hearing Commissioner John Peck cited Manson’s 108 serious disciplinary violations since his incarceration as the main reason for his remand.

In addition to the bad behavior, Manson has participated in none of the self-help programs or vocational training classes offered by the prison. Peck also expressed concern that Manson has not once indicated any remorse for his killings since his original 1971 sentencing.

"I am special,” Manson told his prison psychologist in a statement read aloud by Peck during the hearing. “I am not like the average inmate. I have put five people in the grave. I've been in prison most of my life. I'm a very dangerous man.”

Manson will be 96 the next time he is eligible for parole.

See a video of one of Manson’s famous jailhouse interviews below:


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