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Anti-Vaccination Movement Caused Whooping Cough Epidemic

A great post over at asks the question and delivers the right answer – yes, yes they did. It also targets the right org as being responsible – Barbara Loe Fischer’s anti-vaccine group NVIC.

Whooping cough is making a comeback. This summer, the highly contagious upper respiratory infection struck more than 6,000 people in California—the most cases since 1950. Ten people died, all infants.

The stubborn belief that vaccines are harmful to a child’s health show just how damaging—even deadly—unscientific movements like the NVIC’s are. And how wrong.

...not vaccinating children erodes the “wall of immunity” that keeps all kids safe from life-threatening diseases. When infections have fewer potential hosts, there is less of a chance that those infections will be able to spread from child to child. When kids are vulnerable to nasty germs—because their parents don’t immunize them—they put their friends and classmates at risk, too. have a petition up to deliver the untasty truth to NVIC - it caters to non-US residents from all over the world. Please sign it, tweet it or retweet this post, Facebook it, blog it and email it. These people need to be held accountable for their actions.


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