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Bodybuilding Champ Dallas McCarver Dies At 26 (Photos)

Bodybuilding Champ Dallas McCarver Dies At 26 (Photos) Promo Image

Bodybuilding champion Dallas McCarver has passed away after reportedly choking on food while home alone.

A friend found the unresponsive 26-year-old, also known as "Big Country," around midnight on Aug. 22 in his Florida home, McCarver's girlfriend, WWE star Dana Brooke, told TMZ.

First responders brought McCarver to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police do not believe that any foul play was involved, saying that it was most likely a tragic accident.

Brooke confirmed that no one believes McCarver intentionally hurt himself, but rather that he fatally choked while eating his meal.

She said that she spoke on the phone with her boyfriend not long before, and he told her he was going to go make dinner.

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According to Brooke, the last thing McCarver said to her before hanging up was: "I love you. Goodbye."

There were no indications that McCarver was suffering from health problems. Earlier that day, he posted a video to Instagram in which he was lifting 160-pound dumbbells.

Just an hour before the bodybuilder died, Brooke posted a photo to her Instagram of the two together along with a sweet message.

"Still got some time left to post [Man Crush Monday] --someone who Day in and day out is helping and giving so much to so many people !" she captioned the photo. "[Dallas McCarver] is one of the most genuine people I have ever met."

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The couple had been dating for at least a year, notes Heavy.

"Dallas was an exceptional body builder, but I didn't see him for that .. I saw him for HIM AND HIS HEART!!" Brooke wrote in an Instagram memorial. "He is the best individual I have ever met-- my ying to my yang.. finished my sentences and knew what I was thinking before I'd say it!!"

The 6-foot-1 former high school football player shot to success as a bodybuilder in 2012 when he entered Flex Online's NPC North Americans competition and won the Super Heavyweight class and the Overall category.

In March, he made headlines when he collapsed onstage at the Arnold Classic Australia, notes Muscle Insider. The incident went viral and alarmed many viewers, though McCarver and his coach later explained that McCarver was battling an upper respiratory infection and pushed himself a little too hard training, dieting and dehydrating for the event, which caught up to him all at once during prejudging.

"We all have nothing but respect for the work and pain every competitor goes through for this 'sport' or lifestyle or whatever you want to call it," McCarver wrote in a statement at the time, according to Muscle Insider. "It's been a tough few weeks for me, I've made a lot of mistakes this year/ prep and I'm continuing to learn from them, but I'm a firm believer that there is always a larger plan we don't see. So while it may hurt now, I can't help but believe I'll laugh at all of this in the years to come."

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