Celebrity Stories Remind Us of Effects of Addiction


There has been a rash of stories in the news recently about celebrities and their addiction problems. Besides being fodder for gossip, experts say such stories can be a serious warning for the rest of us.

"Celebrities put a public face on addiction," said addiction expert Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources in Edmonds, Washington.

"With celebrities, we have an opportunity to look beyond the entertainment value to see a side of addiction we wouldn’t normally see," he added.

According to a report on Business Wire, Dr. Jantz said celebrity addictions can show us with the possible effects of drug use, which include:

-- Loss of inhibitions
-- Delusional behavior
-- Paranoia
-- Outbursts of anger
-- Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
-- Changes in appearance
-- Fatigue/exhaustion
-- Out-of-character withdrawal or hyperactivity
-- Difficulty focusing
-- Depression
-- Mood swings
-- Loss of interest in favorite activities
-- Defensiveness
-- Increased sensitivity

Dr. Jantz said people should be aware of these symptoms in friends and family members.

"Addiction always takes you further than you want to go. It always destroys. And in most cases, the only way to save an addict’s life is to intervene," he said.

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