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Celebrity Dermatologist Found Dead After TV Show Character Allegedly Mocked Him

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Frederic Brandt was reportedly found dead in his Miami mansion, but despite his publicist’s claims that he had been “suffering from an illness,” sources close to Miami Herald columnist Lesley Abravanel said he may actually have been dealing with depression after Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” created a character resembling him.

According to sources that spoke exclusively to The Daily Mail, the doctor may have hanged himself after becoming depressed due to the character played by Martin Short on Tina Fey’s hit Netflix show and even tweeted about the doctor's death.

“Sources: Dr Fredric Brandt was ‘devastated’ over comparisons to the protagonist on Tina Fey’s new Netflix show, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’” Abravanel tweeted.

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In a statement from Brandt’s publicist, however, no mentions of the TV show, suicide, or depression were made.

“He passed away this morning,” Brandt’s publicist Jacquie Tractenberg told the New York Post. “Everyone who knows him is devastated. I worked with him for over 20 years and he was an amazing man, not only was he a brilliant doctor, but he was the kindest human being.”

Since the Netflix show’s release in early March, many compared Martin Short’s character Dr. Grant, pronounced Franff, to the famed dermatologist, but nobody involved in the show ever officially confirmed that comparison.

Brandt, who was an early proponent of Botox, told The New York Times in a past article that if he could change one thing, he probably wouldn’t have used as much Botox.

“I've been kind of a pioneer in pushing the limits to see how things work and what the look would be,” Brandt said. “Would I change anything I've done? I might not have used as much Botox, because you don't want to look quite as frozen.”

So far, no statements have come in from Martin Short, Tina Fey, Netflix, or anyone else involved in the show. Brandy was 65 years old.

Sources: Daily Mail, People Magazine

Photo Sources: Daily Mail


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