Baby's Wild Hair Caused By Genetic Disorder (Photos)

Baby's Wild Hair Caused By Genetic Disorder (Photos) Promo Image

A mother whose baby has wild, unusual hair learned her daughter has a genetic disorder possibly shared by famed scientist Albert Einstein.

Sara Lamb worried about her 2-year-old daughter's hair as it began to grow out coarse and white, according to Little Things. Jaili's hair took on a wiry texture that was impossible to tame, no matter what products Sara used.

A doctor the family consulted was finally able to resolve the mystery of Jaili's hair. The doctor explained that Jaili had a genetic disorder known as uncombable hair syndrome, which Einstein also may have had.

Nurse trainee Sara and her husband, along with Jaili, sent DNA samples to University of Bonn's Institute for Human Genetics. The German university revealed Jaili's syndrome.

Since learning of the disorder, family members have stopped trying to make Jaili's hair look normal, and embraced her quirky locks.

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UHS, also known as pili trianguli et canaliculi, is a rare condition, according to Orphanet.

The syndrome typically becomes noticeable in children aged between 3 months and 1 year old, and gives hair a light silvery-blonde or straw hue. Those with the disorder have the same amount of hair, but it generally appears dry and coarse, standing up from the scalp in multiple directions. Examining the hairs with a microscope can show that the hairs are shaped slightly differently than normal hairs.

A number of conditions can become more likely if someone has uncombable hair syndrome, including atopic eczema, anomalies with tooth enamel and digits, and juvenile cataracts.

The syndrome "spontaneously regresses in late childhood and only gentle care including conditioners, soft brushes and avoidance of harsh treatments cares of the hair are recommended," advises Orphanet. "Biotin treatment as been used in several patients and might be useful to control nail fragility, leading to acclaimed increase in hair growth after 4 months of supplementation."

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According to Sara, strangers will often stop the family on the street to tell them how cute Jaili's hair is -- some people have even said it looks like a dandelion.

She added that while some people can be negative about Jaili's hair, when Sara explains UHS, they're usually nicer about it.

Another 2-year-old girl in North Carolina also has UHS, according to her mom, Jamie Braswell, the Daily Mail reports.

Two-year-old Phoebe's hair is white and sticks up, and Jamie said that although people have accused her of not taking care of her daughter's hair, she adores Phoebe's "unique" hairstyle.

"People say, 'You should brush it better. Why don't you put it in a ponytail?' But that hurts her," the mom said.

Phoebe is happy about her hair too, Jamie said, because she looks like Poppy, her favorite character from animated series "Trollz."

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