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Road Rage: North Carolina Couple Christy and Bradley Turner Arrested for Threatening Men with Gun (Video)

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A North Carolina couple was arrested after instigating a road rage brawl in response to allegedly being run off the road.

Police explained that around 1 p.m. Sunday on U.S. Highway 70 in Craven County, Bradley and Christy Turner believed a truck had nearly run them off the highway. The Turners then followed the truck to the driver’s residence where Bradley confronted the driver, said a few words and then threw a punch. Immediately, the driver of the truck and a passenger jumped out of the vehicle to retaliate against Bradley — and the whole incident was caught on video.

The video shows that after the two men stopped beating on 40-year-old Bradley, his 30-year-old wife Christy gets out of the vehicle with a gun and hands it to Bradley, who allegedly fires off a shot at the two men.

Although the video shows Bradley instigating the fight, he did endure a hefty beat-down from the two men, Nathan Brotzman and Josh Berry. Brotzman and Berry claim, however, that they were the true victims in this incident.

"Everyone got to see the fun part of it," Brotzman said. "We're the ones who saw a gun pointed to our face and felt we [were] about to die."

"When [Bradley Turner] walked up, I just looked at him," Berry explained. "He said a couple of words, threw a punch, and it was on like Donkey Kong. [Turner] assaulted both of us first before we ever landed a hit. It was complete self-defense."

Berry recounted the series of events, which included the wife handing the gun to her husband, who accidentally discharged it. Authorities also report that the Turners had a toddler in the car during the incident. 

The Turners then left, but returned to fire off more rounds at Berry’s empty truck.

The Turners turned themselves in to police Monday afternoon, and Bradley was charged with discharging a weapon into a property, going armed to the terror of the people, injury to personal property, assault, and two counts of assault by pointing a gun. Christy was charged with two counts of pointing a gun as well. Both Turners paid bail to get out of jail.

"A lot of people are saying, 'You should just put the phone down and call the cops, do the right thing.’ But it's like, if you're in that predicament, what are you going to do? You don't know," said Berry. "It's the heat of the moment. Your adrenaline is going, you're not going to think right, and we defended ourselves. That's what we did.”

Sources: ABC News, WCTI 12


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