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Catholic Church sues to continue adoption services

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The Catholic Church is taking it from all sides in Illinois. Since the state’s passage of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act which granted the state’s same sex couples recognition at a state level, the adoption agencies of the Catholic Church have been charged with discrimination based on their religious perspective. They must now service gay couples if they expect state funding.

Advocates for same sex couples are screaming that the charitable organization is hardly being charitable with such selective omissions. The faithful are screaming not to give in further to secular influences.

The Church so far is holding the line and has threatened to discontinue services permanently if they are not allowed a religious exemption. The problem however is that this non-profit organization no longer qualifies as a private charitable organization.

“I think it’s certainly a reasonable point: If you receive state funds, you have to follow the directives and the rules of the state. But our position is that faith-based charities have religious liberties and certain rights of conscience,” explained Anthony Riordan, chief operating officer of Catholic Charities of Peoria. The state is going to argue back that a publicly funded, private faith-based organization is an oxymoron. They may not take money from the state and consider themselves open to the self-determinations of a private, privately funded organization.

The Church provides services for about 20% of the foster care and adoption services in the state. The move to close will take 350 children out of the pipeline and terminate $7.5 million in state contracts. Up to 58 of their employees will lose their jobs. The Church’s threat to quit is quite real.

So the lawsuit by the Church to gain exemption moves forward and no one is happy. Most of all the kids.

Source: Huffington Post


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