'Catcher in the Rye' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to be Dropped by Public Schools


American literature classics, such as 'Catcher in the Rye' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' are to be replaced by non-fiction books in U.S. public schools by 2014 in order to better prepare students to read and follow directions in the workplace.

The new school curriculum will require at least 70 percent of school books to be non-fiction, reports The Telegraph.

Some of the recommended non-fiction books include 'Recommended Levels of Insulation' by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and 'Invasive Plant Inventory' by California's Invasive Plant Council.

The new educational standards have the backing of the National Governors' Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and are being partly-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Supporters of the change claim that students need the ability to write concisely and factually, which will be more useful in the workplace than reading fictional books.


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