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Casual Sex May Cause Depression, Anxiety in Young Adults

Young people who engage in casual sex are more likely to report feeling depressed and anxious afterward according to a new study.

The study involved 3,900 heterosexual students. Of the students, 11 percent said they engaged in casual sex in the past month. 

Both men and women in the group said they felt depressed and anxious a week after having the experience, according to lead author Dr. Melina Bersamin.

"It is premature to conclude that casual sexual encounters pose no harmful psychological risks for young adults. The results suggest that among heterosexual college students, casual sex was negatively associated with well-being and positively associated with psychological distress."

The study, called Risky Business: Is There an Association Between Casual Sex and Mental Health Among Emerging Adults?, the study consisted of students from more than 30 institutions across the U.S.

Other studies prior to this one found that women responded more negatively to casual sex than men, but this one found that there was no difference between the genders.

They have yet to determine whether those who engage in casual sex are more likely than others to have a mental disorder to begin with. 

It follows a study which found that women in college were more likely to "hook up" with others if they smoked marijuana.

Sources: Daily Mail,NY Daily News


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