Casey Kasem's Family Says Wife Is Holding Him Prisoner in Home (Video)


Casey Kasem, who has Parkinson’s, is allegedly being held prisoner inside his Los Angeles home by his current wife, Jean, say Kasem's children from his first marriage.

Kasem's daughter Julie, brother Mouner and other family members protested in front of Kasem's estate yesterday demanding to see him (video below).

“This is our last straw. This is our last straw. We couldn’t take it any more. We know how many people love dad. How special he is to a lot of people. We figured, you know what? Let’s let everybody know we care so much, we want him to know, we’re not abandoning you,” Julie told KCAL 9.

Mouner added, “We have no way of contacting him or no way of answering what we are asking.”

Apparently, Kasem was driven to Julie's home each Sunday for a family visit, but Jean Kasem reportedly stopped the visits in August.

“Daddy, I love you so much and I can’t wait to put my arms around you,” Julie said to her father via KCAL 9.

Daughter Kerri Kasem told the New York Daily News, "My dad is very sick, and we have been completely shut off from him for the last three months. There is no money issue here, we just want to see our dad. We love him, and everyone knows his kids and grandkids are a source of joy for him."

"Look, people fight and they don't like each other, and that's fine. But it's cruel to keep us from seeing our dad. We don't want any money from Jean. We don't care about that. We were raised well, and we support ourselves."

Jean Kasem refused to comment, but did call the police on the family protest.

Sources: New York Daily News and KCAL 9


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