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How to Get Kids to Eat Carrots: Disguise Them as Junk Food

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The baby-carrot industry is unveiling its first-ever marketing campaign. The aim: Make one of school lunches' most popular -- yet often uneaten -- items hip again!

Look closely at the new packaging. It resembles that of some of today's most popular junk food, doesn't it? Here's the reasoning: Given that today's kids have been dubbed the "junk- food generation," then maybe if a healthy food looks like junk, they'll be more likely to eat it! 

USA Today reports that the current marketing plan for the "new and improved" baby carrots may include:

  • Packaging the veggies in Doritos-like bags. (Three different designs are planned.)
  • Selling them via cool school vending machines. (Tests are underway in Cincinnati and Syracuse, N.Y.)
  • Sporting slogans like this on billboards and packs: "The original orange doodles."
  • Touting seasonal tie-ins. (Coming this Halloween: "Scarrots"!)
  • Offering an iPhone app that's powered by the sound of folks munching carrots in real time.
  • Airing TV spots that tout baby carrots as "extreme". 

What's next -- water in Diet Coke-ish cans? Apples in Hostess Cupcake-like packages? Moms, would you be willing to get behind this marketing scheme if it meant your kids would eat more veggies?


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