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Carpenter Invents On-Off Contraception Switch To Control Sperm (Video)

Clemens Bimek, a carpenter in Germany, has invented a valve that will allow a man to switch on and off the flow of sperm from his testicles (video below).

“Many of the doctors I consulted didn’t take me seriously," Bimek told Spiegel magazine, notes The Telegraph. "But there were some who encouraged me to go on tinkering and helped me with their expertise."

Bimek got the idea for his Bimek SLV invention while watching a TV documentary about contraception in 1998, reports The Local.

A Bimek SLV is surgically attached to each of the two tubes that carry sperm up from the testicles to the penis. The device will be implanted into 25 men this year in test trials.

The men will be able to control the flow of sperm with an on-off switch that is located on the valves inside their scrotums, just under the skin.

Bimek had the device implanted inside himself while he was on a local painkiller so that he could guide the surgeon, Dr. Hartwig Bauer, who supports the device.

“A third of patients want to have [a vasectomy] reversed later, but it doesn’t always work,” Bauer told Spiegel magazine.

However, Wolfgang Buhmann, a spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists, countered, "My assessment is that implanting the valve could cause scarring where it meets the vas deferent.”

Buhmann added that the valve might become blocked if it were turned in the off-position for a long time.

Sources: The Telegraph, The Local / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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