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Carlos Romero, Once Arrested for Donkey Sex, is Back in Jail

Carlos Romero, 32, who is on probation after accepting a plea offer in December related to arrest for sexual activity with his miniature donkey, Doodle, is back in Marion County jail on unrelated charges.

This time he was arrested on Thursday, January 15, for dealing in stolen property and violating Florida’s pawnbroker act, according to Ocala Police Department. On Friday, two more charges of criminal mischief and grand theft were added, the Ocala Star-Banner reports.

The two arrest warrants stem from Florida Northern Railroad employees reporting the theft of 16 train batteries valued at $10,880, according to Austin Miller of theOcala Star Banner. The batteries were later recovered from a recycling company, and Romero was identified as the person who brought them in. He was reportedly paid $161.46.

“I took them in for scrap. I’m trying to survive. I’m homeless,” Romero responded.

On Friday, Ocala police detective Lenny Uptagraft interviewed Romero at the jail and Romero confessed to removing the batteries and scrapping them, authorities said.

Romero appeared before Judge Sue Robbins at the Marion County Jail on Saturday morning. His assistant public defender, Scott Schmidt, asked for a reasonable bond. After the assistant state attorney advised the court that Romero had three prior convictions for battery on a law enforcement official, bond for the four current charges was set at $52,000, according to the report.

"I can't afford that bond," Romero later told the Star-Banner reporter. "They took away my life, my ability to make a living, all my assets are gone. They've made me a criminal."

Although he admitted to taking four train batteries, Romero said he was "surprised" at the new charges and that he is going to fight them. His next scheduled court date is February 19.


In December 2012, Romero was placed on one-year probation and a $200 fine in order to avoid going to jail over donkey-sex charges. He was also ordered to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and possible treatment and HIV and STD testing. Romero cannot have contact with children in a school or playground setting or unsupervised contact with animals.

At that time, he vowed to challenge the law against sex with animals, stating that it violates his Constitutional right of choice in sex partners. (Sex with Animals, a Constitutional Right? Carlos Romero Challenges Arrest for Donkey-Sex)

When Romero was first arrested in September, after being discovered engaging in some taboo behavior with Doodle, he declared that "Florida is a backward state"because of its prohibition on zoophilia.

Zoophilia is a term from the Greek (zṓion, "animal") and (philia, "friendship" or "love") and is the practice of sexual activity between humans and non-human animals (or a preference for or fixation on such practice,) according to Advocates claim that the difference between bestiality—engaging in sex with an animal—and zoophilia is that in the latter case, there is an emotional element.

At the time of his initial arrest, Romero unabashedly described in graphic detail his long-time sexual attraction to horses (Donkey-Sex Suspect Carlos Romero Describes Sexual Attraction to Horses)

Before his release, Romero expressed concerns that he would not be able to find work because the plea bargain included not having unsupervised contact with animals. Romero worked as a farmhand, race-horse exerciser and groomer.


Since his release on the plea agreement, Romero claims he has been living in the woods or in his 1981 Ford F-150 pickup and eating from dumpsters.

In an interview at the jail with Austin L. Miller of the Ocala Star Banner, Romero stated he had, “…found four batteries on the side of the road on Monday afternoon, placed them in his truck and took them to a recycling company, where he received a little more than $100.”

Romero said he needed the money to pay his car insurance, the Ocala Star Banner reports. When he was booked into the jail, he only had 92 cents. Half of that was used to pay charges he had incurred during his previous stay in jail.

His plea of guilty to sexual activity with Doodle resulting in him having to give up possession of the donkey. The County impounded the animal at the time of his first arrest and wanted to place her up for adoption.

 Romero stated that he still misses “Doodle.”

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