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Career Criminal Intentionally Infected At Least 13 Women With HIV

Louisiana man Cartrell Brooks, 40, is facing charges of intentionally infecting over a dozen women with HIV.

DeSoto Police became aware of his criminal activity while investigating claims that he slept with a 14-year-old girl. In addition to charges of purposefully infecting women with HIV, Brooks has been charged with aggravated incest and drug possession. He has been arrested 53 times in his life and is a known career criminal.

During their investigation of Brooks, many women from the southeastern region of the U.S. contacted police and reported that Brooks gave them HIV. All of the women said Brooks never informed them that he was HIV positive before having unprotected sex with them. Brooks is the father to at least 27 children.

“I don’t know if he contracted it from a woman and has a grudge, or it’s something else,” Sgt. Garland Hensley of the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office said. “I’ve dealt with lots of things, but this is a first.”

Brooks was sentenced to four years in prison in 2009 on charges of attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance. He finished his sentence for those charges on July 16, 2013. Now that his intentional HIV spreading has been brought to light, he’ll likely be starting a new prison sentence soon.

Intentionally infecting unaware partners with HIV is a felony in Louisiana. Brooks is being held in the DeSoto Parish Correctional Facility until a pending court date.

The Southern Tier AIDS Program Executive Director John Barry says that although people like Brooks are not the norm, his case is a strong reminder to always know a new partner’s sexual history before having sex with them.

"Communication is crucial,” Barry said. “Know who your partners are, go ahead and ask these questions.”

Sources: WBNG, Press Connects


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