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Thanks to all of your regulars and not-so-regulars for visiting and following my blog! We’ve had about 130,000 hits since launching this thing a few years ago. Not too shabby! Please keep spreading the word and posting links back to my articles wherever you’d like. The more eyeballs and people I can reach, the better!

The point here has always been education: how to people become better parents. I get discouraged sometimes by how much really terrible misinformation is floating around out there, and how myths and lies have made many parents fearful. I’m here to tell you good, honest, science-based information. There’s no agenda other than teaching you how to raise your children and making you a more confident parent. I’ve got no ads, and I’m not selling anything (well, you can buy my books by clicking their photos on the right, but that’s it.)

To help reach as many people as possible, I’ve also been participating in discussion threads at WebMD on their Parenting Forum. Feel free to swing by, post questions, share answers over there. My latest project is also through WebMD, where I’m now one of their regular featured bloggers. I’m planning to concentrate there on the Children’s Health Blog, covering current events and news stories with perspective and solid answers, rather than the breathless worry-mongering that pervades most mainstream health reporting. There’s a feed widget on the right margin of the blog’s home page showing the last few posts from WebMD. Go click over there and post some comments if you’d like!

Apple fans: WordPress has created a new iPad-friendly look for this site. Check it out! We’re also optimized for iPhone and other mobile devices.

What’s next? As long as I’ve got the time and something to say, I’ll keep writing. Please continue to post your comments and suggestions—I read them all, and I’ll try to get requested topics covered. What makes the site work is your participation, and I appreciate it!

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