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Cannabis Capsules,Caviar and Ear Wax !

Cannabis has come along way, in that there are many new  ways this fantastic herb is being consumed and used.

Medical Marijuana doesen't have to be inhaled or smoked, as some users are sensitive to the smoke and not good on the lungs either.

Edibles have always been around, in the form of cookies, brownies, candies and more.  Recently the laws have lowered, and the creativity of cannabis usage has risen.

Cannabis Caviar: 

Yup you read it correctly.  Seems this expensive form of marijuana is growing in demand at Colorado dispensaries and sells for well over $1,000.00 an ounce and is made by soaking marijuana buds in a potent strain of hash oil.

Cannabis Caviar is also reported to be very potent and it's suggested that  "It's for people who want to smoke less, need longer effects, or have medical needs that absolutely require them to take large amounts of THC",  resulting in a a stronger medical benefit.

Cannabis Ear Wax:

Ear Wax Marijuana is a supposedly high potent form of Cannabis that looks similar to the wax that comes out of your ear, gooey stuff that vaporizes when you smoke it.

Be careful with edibles because sometimes they are made potent and the user has no way of knowing just how potent.

Beginners or first time users may eat to much,  get sick and don't want to be bother with it and resume to smoking.

Cannabis  Capsules:

Great for folks who don't want to smoke, eat or drink cannabis marijuana at all.  Marijuana Cookies have a few calories, so if calorie watching is your concerned then the "caps" may be a good thing to consider.

Kinda, cool to  take a pill when needing medication  without having to light up, is the premise behind this idea. 

Mostly when consuming cannabis orally it takes around 30-45 minutes before  the drug to reaches the blood stream and the effects to come on. 

Capsules usually produce an all over pain relief which could be something to consider as a delivery method for medical marijuana patients.

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