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Cancer Survivor, 6, Wants Mandatory Measles Vaccinations For Kids (Video)

Rhett Krawitt, 6, told a school board meeting in Tiburon, California, on Tuesday that he wants all children to get vaccinated against the measles.

"Soon we will say, 'Gone with the measles,'" Krawitt, a Leukemia survivor, told the Board of Trustees of the Reed Union School District, noted ABC7 News (video below).

Krawitt and other vaccine supporters called for the school district to support a bill by state Sen. Richard Pan (D) that would end the personal belief exemption that some parents use in the Golden State to enroll their children in schools without vaccinations. The bill would allow exemptions for medical reasons such as compromised immune systems.

Krawitt went through his last chemotherapy treatment about a year ago. Doctors says he will be healthy enough to get his measles vaccination soon, noted

"But this story isn't about Rhett anymore. It's about the expecting mothers, the babies and the hundreds of kids currently with suppressed immune systems," Rhett's father Carl Krawitt said at the meeting.

The Board of Trustees voted to support the legislation in a 4-1 vote.

Sources:, ABC7 News
Image Credit: ABC7 News Screenshot


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