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Cancer-Stricken Teen Denied A Manicure

Patricia Moore has spent the last year battling cancer. When she was just 13, the Palmdale, California, teen was diagnosed with a tumor in her nervous system and put in a wheelchair.

“Six rounds of chemo, I think 12 rounds of radiation; she’s lost her hair; she’s been away from home for four months in the hospital,” Shannon Moore, Patricia’s mother, told CBS Los Angeles

Patricia was recently allowed out of the hospital, and Shannon decided to plan a special day for her daughter, including a manicure and a shopping spree. The teen was dismayed when she was turned away from the salon Queen’s Nails.

“[They] just looked at Patricia and said, ‘No,’” Shannon said. 

Patricia said: “I tried to explain to them I can use one of my pillows and put it on the chair and try to sit up. I felt upset and sad.”

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses are required to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. It’s unclear whether Queen’s Nails violated the law.

Patricia and Shannon returned to Queen’s Nails with reporters.

“If she cannot stand, I cannot do it, because she lie down like that, I cannot do that,” one employee told reporters.

Another employee, Long Nguyen, apologized for Patricia’s treatment. “We’re very sorry for any misunderstanding, and you’re always welcome here, anytime, and I’d be glad to take care of you personally as well,” he said.

Nguyen also provided a statement that read: “It was never our intention to hurt her feelings in any way ... We hope to move onward and possibly have a positive relationship with this amazing young lady.”

He also said the salon has changed for the better. "Yes, we have [made changes] … just more awareness, be more accommodating, more compassionate,” he said. 

Patricia and her mother hope this never happens to anyone again.

Source: CBS Los Angeles / Image via CBS Los Angeles


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