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Cancer Causes Girl's Eyes To Bulge Out Of Sockets (Photos)

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The impoverished family of a 6-year-old Indian girl suffering from cancer that is causing her eyes to bulge out of their sockets is desperately seeking help to treat her condition and give her a chance at survival. (Warning: The photos below are graphic.)

Dhanika Tripura was taken to the doctor in November suffering from "itchy eyes," according to Daily Mail. While several doctors in a local village treated the girl, treatment was limited to painkillers, acetaminophen, and anti-allergy tablets due to the lack of adequate medical resources.

In just six weeks, the girl's condition worsened to the point that her eyes have popped grotesquely out of their sockets. 

"Her condition brings tears to my eyes," said Dhanika's father, Dhanya Kumar Tripura, 45. "I cannot even look into her eyes and talk to her anymore."

Dhanika was eventually taken to specialty hospitals in New Delhi, where she was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. 

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A charity has stepped in to begin proper treatment, but care is expensive and the family is hoping that other good Samaritans may be moved to assist in paying for the expensive regimen of care.

Dhanika has begun chemotherapy, but her chance of survival stands at just 10 percent. 

Prior to experiencing her itchy eyes, Dhanika was reportedly a normal, healthy little girl with three siblings and no prior medical issues, according to Metro. Her family, too poor to afford the level of treatment that would have fully addressed the girl's symptoms, instead relied on what was available in the tiny village of Tripura in the northeastern part of India.

Dhanika is currently being cared for at a cancer treatment center in Guwahati, but doctors have recommended that her parents move her to a bigger hospital in Mumbai with more advanced facilities. 

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"She is really weak," said Dr. Munilima Hazarika, an oncologist. "We expect that her hemoglobin and platelets would further decrease, which is a risk. We need at least 30 blood donors for her to keep her treatment going." 

A local community group, the United Tiprasa Forum, has offered assistance upon learning of the girl's condition and her family's extreme need.

Dhanika's father works as a daily wage laborer, earning about $13 a month. Her mother, Shash Bala, 40, stays home to care for their four children.

"I have no money for her treatment, but some people have volunteered to help my daughter," said her father. "I appeal to all kind-hearted people to help me save my daughter."

A crowdfunding campaign has been started to help pay for Dhanika's treatment, and donations are being accepted through Milaap, India's largest crowdfunding site.

Sources: Daily Mail,, Metro / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: SWNS via Metro

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