Cancer Stat: 12 Million Survivors in U.S.

Cancer Stat: 12 Million Survivors in U.S.

According to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute, nearly 12 million Americans are some sort of cancer survivors. The figure is four times as large as it was 40 years ago – a testament to how far cancer detection and treatment has come.

Researchers noted that there were 11.7 million cancer survivors in 2007, a total that was up from the 9.8 million in 2001, and vastly larger than the 3 million from 1971. Further, of the 11.7 million cancer survivors alive on the first day of 2007, 7 million were age 65 or older.

Slightly more than half of the cancer survivors are women, due in large part to the fact that breast cancer survivors make up the largest group of all cancer survivors – 22 percent. Prostate cancer survivors come in second with 19 percent, and then colorectal cancer survivors come in at 10 percent.

Skin cancers other than melanoma were excluded from these totals because they are rarely fatal.

Among those individuals who survived cancer, 4.7 million were diagnosed 10 or more years prior to that.

As per American Cancer Society estimates – there were 1.5 million new cancer cases in the United States in 2010.

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