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Canadian Woman Visits Hospital Only To Find Her Nose, Eyelid Infested With Maggots (Photo)

In what looks to be a plot for a science fiction horror movie, a Canadian woman, who went to a local hospital for various problems, ended up having 120 maggots in her nose and eyelid.

It is believed that the fly that laid the eggs came from inside the hospital where the 65-year-old woman had been staying for several days, Metro reports.

“During the period, an adult fly (a green blow fly or a green bottle fly) was seen in the intensive care unit,” the Canadian Medical Association states in a report. “The patient was in a windowless private room that had an open door. The intensive care unit had no windows to the outdoors; thus, it was assumed that the fly had entered the intensive care unit from another part of the hospital.” 

This isn’t the first time a patient has had maggots removed from their nasal cavity.

According to the Daily Mail, last month, a 55-year-old Indian man, who was also suffering from nasal myiasis, had 50 maggots extracted from his sinuses during a two-hour procedure. Doctors said the man completely recovered from the disease afterwards.

Check out the photo of the Canadian woman below. (Warning: Not for the squeamish.)

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Sources: MetroCanadian Medical AssociationDaily Mail / Photo Credit: CMAJTanozzo/Flickr


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