Canadian Man Waits 20 Years To Pop Large Zit, What Oozes Out Is Disgusting (Video)


Some of us love popping pimples and get an odd satisfaction after squeezing a few zits, but this Canadian man waited 20 years to get rid of the large pimple that had been growing on his neck.

The video (below), titled “Close up of ENORMOUS ZIT popping,” shows a torrent of white pus that had been blocked under the skin for two decades before being released, the Daily Mail notes.

It was posted to YouTube by a man going under the pseudonym of Andy Peppers, of Toronto, with the description: “After growing a mountain of a pimple on my neck over many years, it finally formed a whitehead… and this is what came out.”

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It takes Peppers two minutes to remove the pus after his wife, who can be heard in the background guiding him, uses a pin to unblock the pore, initially resulting in clear liquid and blood dripping out.

“At first, my wife used a pin to start a hole,” he explained. “Initially just a narrow stream of ‘stuff’ came out, but the lump didn't really get any smaller. Then, some of the multiple white-heads started to release.”

He told MailOnline that he and his wife continued zit squeezing two or three times a day for another week, draining more white pus each time.

The video was first uploaded in September and has since gone viral, garnering nearly 800,000 views as of this writing.

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According to the Daily Mirror, Peppers says he still has a lump, but it’s hardly noticeable now.

Watch the nauseating video of Peppers slowly squeezing the contents from the blocked pore (Warning: Contains graphic content):

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