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Canadian Baby Cannot Open His Mouth

An Ottawa woman gave birth to a baby nine months ago who is healthy in every way—except for one, leaving his parents and doctors at a loss.

Wyatt Scott cannot open his mouth.

Born with a rare congenital condition called trismus, Wyatt’s jaw is locked, preventing him from eating, drinking, and making sounds.

Local doctors have been unable to explain the cause of the disorder.

“We have no idea how he’s going to progress. We can understand the family’s frustration, but we don’t know the diagnosis or the underlying condition,” said Dr. Kheirie Issa, Wyatt’s pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

The hospital has no previous case studies by which to determine a course of treatment.

The condition also makes it so Wyatt drools more than other babies, and has trouble moving his facial muscles, swallowing, and blinking. Wyatt has been fed through a nasal tube since birth, but Issa says hopefully it will soon be replaced with a tube to his stomach inserted through his abdominal wall.

Wyatt’s parents, Amy Miville and Andrew Scott, have launched a website called What’s Wrong With Wyatt? in hopes of raising awareness about their son’s mysterious condition.

One of the greatest agonies is not knowing their sons future, his parents say.

"Nobody can tell us if Wyatt is going to be better in two years, five years, 10 years or if he will be eating from a tube the rest of his life," Miville told CBC.

"He's so normal in every other way," she added.

"I want him to have the benefits that my other children have."

Sources: Ottawa Citizen, CBC


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