Video: Canada Goes BPA-Free

I’ve long been freaked out by BPA. The chemical Bisphenol A is a nasty one and is produced in large quantities for use primarily in plastics and packaging. The stuff is darn near everywhere: food and drink packaging (don’t even get me started on the water bottles!), receipts, water and infant bottles, compact discs, impact-resistant safety equipment, and medical devices. BPA is also used to coat food cans, bottle tops and water supply pipes. And, although it’s been somewhat controversial, many suspect BPA negatively affects babies’ and mothers’ health, reduces sperm count in men, and it may even play a role in cancer and obesity.

Well, our neighbors to the north aren’t having it any more. That’s right: They’re declaring the chemical toxic and going BPA free. And we’re totally green with envy. Get the full news below! —Jenn

Can’t see the video? Click here for the BPA news!


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