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Can You Be Sued Over Your Thanksgiving Feast?

It’s Thanksgiving time again, and we’re reminding dinner hosts that they should make sure their guests sign our Thanksgiving Liability Waiver. Why? Because you never know when a food feast will turn into a litigation frenzy.

We were on the Fox News and Fox Business channels yesterday, explaining how trial lawyers are looking for their own feast this holiday season, and how our waiver can ensure a lawsuit-free meal. (You can download your very own copy of the waiver here.) As we’re telling the media this turkey day, Americans should cover their bases:

this waiver, Thanksgiving dinner hosts can keep the nutritional
puritans out of their dining room. They can also protect themselves
from over-stuffed lawsuits filed by attorneys who threaten to sue
restaurants, food companies, school boards, doctors, and even parents
for the nation's extra pounds.

During this season when food
cops, public health zealots, and trial lawyers are promoting hysteria
about the nation's expanding waistline, the Center for Consumer Freedom
believes that Thanksgiving should remain a holiday for giving thanks,
carving turkey, and indulging in a bountiful harvest.


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