Can Organic Food Succeed Where Ritalin Fails?

By  Dr. Walter Crinnion

Organic produce really is worth the price and may provide great health benefits. In previous blogs, I reviewed the studies that have been published over the last couple of decades that back up that statement.

The research proving it all is available on the web (at no charge) in a review article that I authored Two new studies add more documentation to the weight of literature showing the great health benefits of organic food. One study showed the superiority, in all ways, of organic strawberries over their conventionally raised counterparts.

The second study showed that the pesticide residues in children (most of which come from our fruits and vegetables) are certainly associated with ADHD. As I reviewed in the article in Alternative Medicine Review and in the Huffington Post blogs, most organic foods have higher levels of antioxidant compounds than conventionally raised foods. The new article on strawberries from researchers at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, has revealed that organic strawberries are rated higher than conventional strawberries in several areas.

Would you like a strawberry that tastes better, lasts in storage longer, is sweeter, has more health-promoting antioxidant levels and fewer pesticides? If so, choose organic strawberries the next time you go to the market! That’s right … in all of those areas, organic strawberries where shown to be superior.

In addition, the organic berries are much easier on the environment, as no pesticides were used. And, as mentioned in a previous blog, since less than 1 percent of all pesticides actually make it to the target pest, this is a very good thing for our world.

This is also wonderful news because previousstudies have shown that strawberries provided one of the highest levels of antioxidant compounds that we need to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, strawberries have been at the top of the “most toxic fruit and vegetable” lists for many years (www.foodnews.org). So, for years I have been avoiding strawberries throughout the portions of the year when fresh organic berries were not available. When fresh strawberries were not available, I was using frozen blueberries or a berry extract (Liquid Life) to get my fruit-antioxidant daily dosage.


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