Can a Deodorant Really Respond To Your Workout?

I pose the question in this title because I’m really not sure. I mean, we can’t solve the common cold, but we can engineer deodorant that knows when you’re sweating and releases “microencapsulated fragrance” when you move? Really? I say this not to be a curmudgeon, but truly as a “like-whoa if we can” question. Well, in response to these internal questions and because I like to think that I have a good sniffer for clever marketing (that may or may not live up to its hype), I put Degree Expert Protection Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant to the sweaty test. I wore it every day for a week, including on runs, during yoga and even a few trips to this place (where, oh yes, I moved—A LOT).

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The verdict? Although the first sniff of the Fresh Energy scent (good name, by the way, Degree) is pleasant and not overpowering, I found that as the day and workout would go on, I’d keep smelling it. At first I thought this was because the smell was new (kind of like how you notice the smell of your hair when you switch shampoos for the first few days, and then you no longer smell it), but after day five of it happening, I started to think those little encapsulated-thingies were really working their magic. I’m known to sweat a decent amount for a girl, and this deo did result in no B.O. Plus, it kept me pretty dry. So, victory for the micro-smell-good stuff.

Now with that all said, I don’t like getting a whiff of any strong smell when I’m really pushing it. When I’m giving it my all, I don’t want to be thinking about my deodorant (which is their reason for the deodorant, ironically enough) or wondering what the heck that floral fragrance is. Nor do I want to smell anything remotely sweet. Granted, the fact that I noticed it most when I was pushing my hardest is a clear indication that it does what it says it does. I just wish it had a less obvious scent or came in unscented. But, hey, I’m sure many of you would appreciate a nice-smelling distraction during a workout.

Whether I prefer the smell or not, the truth is that this crazy science works. Now that we’ve got this mastered, let’s get on figuring out the common cold already.” —Jenn


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