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Calvin E. Butler in Jail for Performing Plastic Surgery in Motel Room

Transvestite Calvin E. Butler, also known as Tamieka Butler, has been accused of providing plastic surgery out of a motel room in Florida, where she injected patients' buttocks with silicone and closed the wounds with Krazy Glue. 

Butler was not a licensed medical professional, and at least two clients have been hospitalized after having procedures done by him. 

One man needed sections of his buttocks removed after he had several infections, including MRSA. 

Butler worked out of a room in El Patio Motel in West Palm Beach, Florida, and charged patients up to $400 per visit. 

One victim told police that she visited him four times between September and October and paid $200 each time. 

When the woman went to Butler for a session, she took off her clothes. Butler then used a marker to cross areas of her buttocks that needed "fullness."

Then he injected silicone into the marks he had made, wiped away excess fluid, and applied Krazy Glue to the wounds. 

When the woman asked Butler where he received the silicone, he said he bought it from a nurse in Florida Medical Center. But when she asked another time, he said he purchased it from someone named "Debra" who performed the same work. 

On her fourth visit, the woman was feeling intense pain at the injection sites. Butler told her to take warm baths and massage the areas.

The woman then started having fevers and swollen lymph nodes, and went to the hospital after her wounds opened up. 

At the hospital she was given antibiotics, but soon the pain returned and she was then treated for Lymphadenitis, which is when the lymph nodes swell from a bacterial infection. 

She has not yet healed and is still experiencing pain. She has developed a chronic cough and her buttocks are disfigured. 

One male victim said he had weekly injections from June until October. He was charged $100, since the two were "friends," but Butler told the man he had charged strippers $400. 

The man stopped getting injections, and in November was treated in the hospital for MRSA and other infections. Areas of his buttocks had to be removed. 

When Butler discovered that the man was being treated, he disguised himself in a large wig, jewelry, and fur coat, and went to visit him. Butler told the man that he needs to "remember who the b**** in charge is."

Butler has been charged in the past for solicitation of prostitution, solicitation to commit prostitution, driving with a suspended license and resisting an officer. He's currently in jail on $15,000 bond. 

Illegal buttocks injections seem to be a trend in South Florida. A month ago, a couple was arrested for performing a botched buttock injection procedure. 

Two years ago, Oneal Ron Morris was arrested after he injected patients with cement, Fix-a-Flat, and other substances.



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