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Callius Moon Performs Freestyle Rap to Defend Himself in Court

Callius Moon, who is charged with malicious destruction of fire or police property and resisting or obstructing a police office, tried to defend himself on Tuesday in a Warren, Michigan court by using freestyle rap.

According to CBS Detroit, Moon being was arraigned in Warren District court via video feed from a city jail, when began defending himself in a freestyle rap.

Moon sang that people were trying to “put it on [him]" and added a few additional verses with profanity.

That's when District Judge John Chmura told Moon “that’s good” and the “show’s over.”

Moon has since requested a court-appointed attorney.

Also this week, a real rapper, Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court amid reports that he may have faked his community service.

Brown' s lawyer, Mark Geragos, submitted documents claiming that a Richmond, California deputy police chief “observed Brown working very hard at cleaning the brush at the [police] stables.”

Also submitted were invoices and checks contradicting the DA’s claims that Brown didn’t pay $31,534.70 to the Richmond, California police department for providing security while he worked.

Brown was accompanied to court by his girlfriend singer Rihanna, whom he assaulted several years ago.

Source: CBS Detroit


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